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The integration of sports and academics should be a focal point in educational policies. It intimately helps students improve their time management skills in different fields of life. It also helps in developing better values-skills like patience, teamwork, leadership, discipline, learning from failure etc.

Games and sports help students develop confidence & Courage and many other good qualities. Students can overcome their shyness and can become bold they can also overcome their fear and can learn never to lose heart. They also understand the value of Co ordination and Co relation. It also develops the Leadership skills in relation. It also develops the Leadership skills . For the Holistic development of students School provide various indoor & outdoor games facility to students These are Basketball Baseball, badminton, kho kho, kabaddi chess, carom Yoga and Aerobics etc.

School curriculum as well as school calendar is designed in such a way that each of the students gets to play and participate in various sports activities of school. Yoga and meditation is also included in curriculum and we assure that they must practice it on daily basis. Yoga and meditation helps children to gain peace and spirituality, it also helps them to control their emotions and analyze the outcome of their actions.