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Syllabus & Curriculum


As School is affiliated with CBSE, So here we follow NCERT Syllabus. The Syllabus includes CBSE course, assessment scheme and marking system as per CBSE.


We have well-structured curriculum that assure student's learning and also accomplish overall development of students. We recognize the abilities of Students and encourage them to become aware of their world. We ensure to create logical thinking, positive attitude and aesthetic interest among the students school curriculum emphasizes on overall learning of students and for this we use efficient teaching methodology, Under this we prepare efficient Lesson plan, preparation of teaching Aids, Designing of concept based activities, usage of Audio - Visual Aids, storytelling etc. we assure student's engagement in the learning process, so that we can bring out the best of them. We always facilitate the best resources to our students to make their learning process efficient.

Our efficient and experienced mentors always focuses on concept cleaning approach.

We also encourage on skill development of students and to assure this we focus on their Communication skills, writing skills, Artistic skills, IT skills & sports skills etc. various types of activities like Poem Recitation, ASL, speech, Debate, declamation are organized to improve their Communication skills. We organize slogan writing, essay writing, calligraphy etc. for their writing improvement skills. For Artistic skills we organize dance, Drama, Best out of waste, special days celebration, Poster making, Drawing and many More. For IT skills students have a regular Robotics lab class which creates the student's interest in IT sector for sports we organize various types of matches and tournaments which enhance the sporty skills among the students.

All the above skill development Activities are scheduled in the school calendar.

We follow a continuous and systematic Assessment plan which focuses on the comprehensive evaluation of students. This CCE is not a paper pen test only. We have an interesting plan for the Assessment also which eliminate the Exam phobia from the students.

We Assess students by some other ways also like organizing Quiz, class presentation, ASL, Project Making, Group Activities/Task etc.

To make this Curriculum effective we keep on regular monitoring and controlling by the experienced and efficient admins who assure that we achieve our Goal successfully.